Sunday, April 19, 2009

Traditional Animation Demo Reel

Here is a brief taste of my animation skills. Get the pop corn and the large drinks, sit back and enjoy.



Sergio Melero said...

Nice animation demo reel!

Congratulations men, I like very much your blog!

LeMark said...

thanks man, i appreciate it a lot.

PIERRrE said...

Who's are the voices ?

Pierre Se.

justin said...

sperbs, lovin the film. Just wondering if I will ever get to see a completely finished version?

Viraksith said...

Tain man, en voyant des animations de cette qualité, j'ai envie de voir ton nom dans un générique de gros film. Hey tu me préviens d'avance ok quand ça arrive!


Isaac Orloff Illustration said...

Hey Mark, love your cafe drawings, would love to see more!